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Table of Contents

Buy 2Take1 if your license expired

  • Head over onto our store page in order to Buy 2Take1 

Popstar logo spinning indefinitely while trying to log in:

  • After the logo starts spinning, try to go back in your browser a few times, it should get you directly to the login page. 
  • If it does not, try CTRL + F5 command, switch to incognito-tab, or try a different browser.
  • If it is still not getting you to log-in page, the site might be down. Please give it a few minutes and try again.

Getting “double log-in” error while trying to launch the menu

  • This happens if you try to login to your 2Take1 account from a different computer or with a different IP address than usual. You need to wait few hours, 3 hours to 24, for it to be reset and fixed.
  • If you still receive the same error after waiting, Try to contact 2Take1 support staff. You can contact them in #support channel in private server.

Problems with license key delivery, or key issues

  • You need to contact us if you have purchased something from us and have issues with the delivery or delivered key. 
  • You can contact us, 2Take1 Store/2Take1 Gaming, through the “Andy2T1#8088” bot. Send the bot a message with your issue, and we will help you out as fast as possible.
  • Please note, we cannot help you with license key issues or any kind of account issues if you haven’t purchased from us directly. You might need to contact the store you have purchased the key from.

The menu crashes while injecting or any other menu problem

  • Please visit the documentation 2Take1 has prepared for each possible problem with the menu, you can find it here.
  • If the solutions there does not fix your problem, try contacting 2Take1 support staff. You can contact them in #support channel in private server.

Invalid Key

  • In your emails you will have one email which reads as “[Order Completed]”.
    Check junk/spam if you don’t see it in inbox.

    Once you find it, scroll down and click on “get product” to receive your key.