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More On 2Take1 GTA V Mod Menu

2Take1 is safe to use. Before being made public, every feature of 2take1 Menu goes through a rigorous testing process by the development team. It has loads of features with a range of custom-made and unique perks that develops with each menu update.

2Take1Menu works smoothly and mixes in with GTA, addressing some of the game’s internal issues and even providing a performance increase.

Popstar Devs normally update 2Take1Menu within the first 24 hours after a new GTA Online update is released. It also comes with impressive security features that can defend against attacks from any public menu on the market.

This 2Take1 Youtube showcase will help you visualize the menu better.

2Take1 Store Youtuber Applications

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If you wish to apply to be a youtuber for 2Take1 Store, then please fill in the form and wait patiently until you are contacted. Our showcase displayed on this page changes on a weekly basis. 

In order to have a better chance at getting your showcase displayed, you must abide by the following rules:

  • Channel must be active with a consistent upload schedule.
  • Past videos must have 300 or more views
  • Own an established discord server with an active community. 

*Note: Enter the information appropriately. If we cannot reach you then we will simply select the next applicant.